gps trackers increase worker safety

how does it work?

Our GPS trackers communicate with a system of satellites that broadcast signals from their locations in space as they orbit around the earth. The tracker gathers information from these signals and creates a location. Once it has the location created, it communicates with our system via cellular so you can view the info, pull a report, or receive an alert, depending on how you have set up your account.


Our trackers are versatile enough to fit any use case.  Wear the Zero on a hardhat, keyring, etc.  Attach the Pro, for longer battery life, to a belt or other strap.  And install the Vehicle TrK to track vehicle movements and data.


With GPS tracking, you are able to understand the daily movements of a lone worker  Workers can quickly report emergencies by pressing the SOS button. You're no longer held back by needing to wait for your personnel to check in.  


Track the movements of personnel or vehicles with start/stop movement, enter/leave safety zone or work zone, sudden starts and stops, falls, tampering, etc.  Set up geofences and WiFi safe zones to ensure secure areas remain secure!


Pull reports on anything from trip length to vehicle speed, to zone entry and exit based on timeline.  If we don't have a report that suits your use case we will create one for you.  


We are at the forefront of GPS technology.  We continually strive to keep our devices and tracking software at the front of the pack by updating and proactively pushing out software updates.


Our support specialists are available 24/7 by email or chat.  If for some reason they are not, rest assured you will be responded to within 12 hours or less.  We are committed to keeping your team safe!

out of the box reports

general reports

  • Status Report - Quick overview of current device status
  • Route Report - List of all points transmitted by the device with street address, speed and course
  • Trip Summary - Summary view of trips made, showing start and end location, time, distance and duration
  • Distance Report - Report of distance traveled between two dates
  • Speeding Report - Quickly identify devices that have gone over a given speed limit

zone reports

  • Zone Report by Time - List of zone entry and exit in chronological order
  • Specific Zone Report - Report on all entries and exits for specific zone
  • Live Zone Status - Simple dashboard that groups devices by current zone or zone type
  • Trip Count - Count the number of trips between two zones or zone types
  • Aggregated Zone Report - Zone statistics bases on data from multiple devices

vehicle reports

  • Vehicle Activity - Report of device motion relative to ignition and working hours
  • Vehicle Summary - Report of vehicle trips, distances, utilization and more
  • Vehicle Events - Text log of vehicle events, including zone entry and exit, ignition on and off, and more

sensor reports

  • Temperature Report - Report of temperature readings by time
  • Proximity Report - View a log of proximity to other devices, based on bluetooth signal
  • Battery Performance Report - Report on battery usage and point transmissions for a give time period

Don't see the report you need?  Get in touch!