Because you can't always be there.


When you aren't there, you can still keep your loved ones safe.

We've had moms, aunts, and grandmothers in our lives that we've lost to dementia and Alzheimers.  It's tricky keeping them safe, and it's one of the main reasons we got into this business - everyone deserves to be safe, and the LightBug Zero is the perfect solution. It's easy to clip on or wear as a watch type bracelet, so your elderly relatives feel comfortable wearing one.


LightBug Zero

LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero

Everything you need to know about the LightBug Zero

  • The Lightbug Zero is one of the smallest GPS trackers in the world.
  • It is the only device in its category to communicate on 4G and 2G networks that has a battery life measured in weeks and months, rather than hours. 
  • Now with Bluetooth 5.0, faster charging, NFC and ring functionality
  • Absolutely tiny at just 56 x 37 x 12.9mm, it can fit almost anywhere
  • Weighs almost nothing at 35g
  • AWESOME BATTERY LIFE (1000MAH) Significantly larger battery than other devices in its category - up to one year (depending on your alert settings)
  • Included with the Zero: Magnetic Charger, Battery, Foam Adhesive Pads, Key Ring Attachment, Silicone Belt or Collar Attachment and integrated SIM Card.
  • SOS Button to trigger alerts
  • Remote controlled alarm to help you find what you're tracking audibly
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 - Short range location searching and mobile safe-zone feature
  • QUADBAND 4G + 2G - Integrated SIM card 4G LTE-M & NBIoT with 2G Fallback. Works in most countries.
  • GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO & QZSS - The LightBug Zero can use any or all of the global satellite constellations for positioning of 0.5-5m typical accuracy outdoors.
  • ENHANCED POSITIONING using WPS (WiFi Positioning System) to provide 10-30m accuracy indoors. Works just like the little blue circle on your phone in the Maps app.
  • MORE FEATURES TO LOVE:  Temperature Sensor;  Accelerometer for clever movement detection; Waterproof (IP66) and shock proof;  Keyring hole for easy attachment; Silicone case for collar and strap attachment; Operating Temperature of 0°C to 50°C; NFC capable
  • Intuitive and easy to use mobile apps for iOS & Android + Web app

Maximum Safety 24/7

You can teach your kids a ton of stuff - how to be kind, how to ride a bike and not to wander off, and so many other things. 

But we know how easy kids get distracted. 

Having a backup plan is imperative.

Let the LightBug Zero be part of your backup plan!

  • Lightbug Zero is a tiny GPS tracker that locates itself using a global network of satellites and nearby WiFi networks.
  • It then communicates via the cellular network to our mobile app and website so you can see where your child is almost immediately.
  • Even more cool, it works anywhere in the world! You don't even need to be in the same country to track it.

ways to use the LightBug zero

Clip it onto your child's backpack, clothes or even their shoes. It is tiny and discrete. You can place it inside a bag pocket, too. 

When the tracker is at home (near your home WiFi network) or near your phone (connected via BlueTooth), it will stay in sleep mode.  It will only "wake up" when it leaves the WiFi or BlueTooth safe zone.  There is no need to turn it on and off manually!

A low battery alert will notify you if the battery is low, eliminating the need to check it.  A geofence, BlueTooth or WiFi safe zone will cause the tracker will alert you when the tracker leaves the geofence area or BlueTooth/WiFi safe zone.

Our easy to use app (on the App Store and Google Play) will guide you through everything and show you how to see the last known location of the tracker, and find it as new locations come in.

And a really cool new feature - the LightBug Zero has an SOS button which your child can press to alert you instantly with their location.