LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero
LightBug Zero

LightBug Zero


The Lightbug Zero is our pride and joy - our smallest GPS tracking device, and one of the smallest in the world.

It is the only device in its category to communicate on both 4G and 2G networks that has a battery life measured in months, rather than hours.  You will want one of these in your luggage if you are traveling in countries that have not yet upgraded their networks.

Now with Bluetooth 5.0, fast charging, and ring functionality!

Super easy to set up and install, and is tracked via our Lightbug App.  Find the app on both Google Play and the App Store.  

Magnetic Charging Cable, Rechargeable Integrated Battery, Foam Adhesive Pads, Key Ring Attachment, Silicone Belt or Collar Attachment and integrated SIM Card included.



    What you'll love about the

    Lightbug Zero

    Even with its new larger battery the Zero is absolutely tiny and super light, it can fit almost anywhere.  It's great for tracking your pets or non-powered assets like utility trailers, tool boxes, bikes, even drones!

    • 56 x 37 x 12.9 mm
    • 35 grams
    • 1000 mAh
    • Significantly larger battery
    • Unrivaled power management
    • Battery life of up to ONE YEAR
    Data plansMonthlyYearly
    Standard Data (Up to 6 alerts per day)$7.90$79.00
    Unlimited Data (Unlimited number of alerts)$9.90$99.00
    Data plans are selected and paid for when you 
    register your tracker in your LightBug account.

    Please contact for info
    on wholesale or corporate level account pricing.